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Ira \\ Ridgecrest Birth Photographers

Getting to capture a new family’s birth story is one of the best experiences…we still remember feeling so much excitement when Rachel texted us the night before Baby Ira was born to letView full post »

Henry \\ Ridgecrest Birth Photographers

There really is nothing like being invited into a home to share a family’s most precious moment in welcoming a child into the world. Little Henry’s arrival was anticipated for weeks andView full post »

Zylah \\ Ridgecrest Birth Photographers

Little baby Zylah is finally here!! We were so glad to take part in such an important day for Marcus and Olivia! (If you haven’t already, check out their maternity photos here!) Stay tuned forView full post »

Clara \\ Ridgecrest Birth Photographers

Our sweet daughter joined our family this past December and the day of her birth is unforgettable. We waited in anticipation throughout that day trying to keep our minds occupied so we visited localView full post »

Aria \\ Ridgecrest Birth Photographers

Our little niece made her appearance late last year with a quickness! By the time her parents could get to the hospital, Jessica had already dilated to 10cm and was ready to start pushing. She heldView full post »

Birth | Reider Family

Every birth is so very special and unique bringing us to tears when witnessing a new life coming into the world. For Grant’s birth, it was an unforgettable moment shared between us to welcomeView full post »

Birth | Rebar Family

Being part of a birth is really special, and getting to capture it for someone else to remember forever and share with their families is something that you can never forget. Each story is unique andView full post »

Birth | Kira

In the early hours of the morning, we got the phone call that it was time to go to the hospital…little Kira was on her way. Being a witness to a child being born is such an honor and remindsView full post »

Birth | Connor

There is nothing in this world quite like welcoming a child. From watching labor progress to the sweet interactions of the very soon-to-be parents, the entire process is nothing more than pure love.View full post »