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Maya || Ridgecrest Children’s Photographers

We got to spend some more time with another one of our newborns and we still can’t ever get over how much they grow in between sessions! Sweet little Maya is just a doll and definitely gets aView full post »

Ally’s Cake Smash || Ridgecrest Children’s Photographers

Can time just slow down yet?! How is this little one already a year old when it seems like we just did her newborn photos? We love getting to spend time with this sweet family and have been capturingView full post »

Charlee || Ridgecrest Children’s Photographers

Oh sweet goodness! How beautiful is this little girl?! We have a soft spot for little Charlee (we do for all the babies that we are present for during their birth!), but bias aside, she is justView full post »

The Guilfoyles \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

The Guilfoyles were an awesome family with the sweetest little baby girl who was just full of smiles for us!  She was just as happy as could be to hang out on some green grass for a morning in theView full post »

The Hoekmans \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

This little guy was Mr. Serious but he was probably the easiest 2 year old we’ve ever photographed!  He was not a morning person (which we didn’t know was possible with our own kiddos!)View full post »

The Rickets Family \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

The Rickets Family has been a long-time client of ours and we can’t believe that Ally is here and getting so big!!  It all passes so quickly and we are so happy to help them capture theseView full post »

The Baezes \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

How is it possible that little Reese is now two?! Weren’t we just doing maternity photos and anticipating her arrival? This little spunky girl has stolen our hearts and we love that we get toView full post »

Wes + Jennifer \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

This sweet family came to see us for some Easter photos and we loved getting to see them all again since we hadn’t met Lylah yet! They played great and we got some cute shots of the two of themView full post »

Jackson Family \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

This family and their two sweet boys were so much fun to photograph! They kept us on our toes (and chasing them the whole time) but what else can you ask for from some little guys?! Thank you againView full post »

The Blades Family \\ Lone Pine Family Photographers

This family is another special one to us, and we love these little kiddos! They spend a lot of time with our own, and we love seeing them grow and play together. Enjoy these great Lone Pine photos onView full post »

The Clarks \\ Lone Pine Family Photographers

This family is near and dear to us, we just love these little twin boys! We had so much fun playing with them up in Lone Pine on a nice, sunny day back in November. We can’t wait to see themView full post »

The Winnifords \\ Onyx Family Photographers

We spent a perfect morning with this birthday boy on his very first birthday! Little Brady is just as cute as can be filled with infectious smiles that just make you happy being around him! And heView full post »

The Burchetts \\ Ridgecrest Children’s Photographers

Oh what adorable boys! We had such a great evening feeding the fish in the pond, watching ants work, playing in the dirt, and capturing those beautiful smiles! We always love spending time with thisView full post »

The Rickets \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

How is it even possible that two years have already passed since Noah has been born?! Seems like just a couple of weeks ago that we were in his nursery doing his 3-month session! Anyway, we digress.View full post »

The Campbells \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

We had so much fun capturing this extended family and loved all of their coordinating colors! It was a great night in the desert with lots of laughs and plenty of smiles. Thanks for coming to us,View full post »

Cousin Photos \\ Ridgecrest Children’s Photographers

This wonderful family is very special to us and we love these sweet kids! It was so much fun to get them all together from all across the country for some cousin photos and good memories of playingView full post »

The Shewmakers \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

It was so good to see the Shewmakers again and see how Connor has grown! (See Connor’s newborn session here.) He was all over the place and LOVED playing in the dirt, with the rocks, andView full post »

The Johnsons \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

This little guy is so handsome! We loved getting to meet Nevan after doing Ryan + Jennifer’s maternity photos last Fall, and seeing his cute personality really start to come out! We’reView full post »

Kira \\ Ridgecrest Children’s Photographers

This sweet little girl has certainly grown since the last time we saw her as a newborn! She’s now just as busy and active as ever exploring the world around her. We loved getting to spend anView full post »

Reese \\ Ridgecrest Children’s Photographers

We love spending time with this little family and were so excited to spend a beautiful morning with them to celebrate Reese’s first birthday! She’s definitely on the move and veryView full post »

The Martins \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

We met this family out in the desert for some photos and had a great time! While we missed out on the greenery for the year, it was still beautiful out and we had fun getting to know everyone. ErikaView full post »

The Abbotts \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

This family provided lots of laughs on a Sunday morning and it’s hard to believe little Ada is already a year old! It seems like just yesterday we were taking photos of her at 4 months old andView full post »

Brady \\ Ridgecrest Children’s Photographers

The old adage ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ is so very true…particularly when it comes to documenting growing babes! Little Brady is already six months old and it seemsView full post »

Peyton \\ Ridgecrest Children’s Photographers

Although Miss Peyton wasn’t so excited about having her photos taken, she did look mighty cute in her white tutu and little onesie! She also got to read books and share with us that she will beView full post »

The Hills \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

This sweet family just celebrated their little boy’s 6 month half birthday and decided to get some photos to document this special time! Little Hudson was just the cutest and happiest baby boyView full post »

The Parkins \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

John and Patti just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and we were so happy to be able to mark this occasion for them with family photos! We love getting to spend time with their family andView full post »

Shalene + Jason \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

This family and their two little boys are very special to us – we love getting to see them interact and play together! While photographing twin two-and-a-half year old boys definitely has itsView full post »

The Langans \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

It was great to get to photograph this family again after not seeing them for half the year! It’s crazy how quickly kids grow up but it is a pleasure to be able to see and document the changes.View full post »

The Downings \\ Ridgecrest Family Photographers

It was such a pleasure getting to capture this wonderful family and meeting their cute little girl! We wish you all the best overseas and hope we get to see you all again soon!View full post »

Children | Brady

Baby Brady was such a good little model for us! Even though it was chilly outside, he cooperated with us and took some great photos, showing off his cute face. Karina, thanks for trusting us withView full post »

Family | The Stephens’

The Stephens Family is another family that’s come back to us from last year; we love getting to see their girls get older and their family grow as they are expecting another daughter at theView full post »

Family | The Hanleys

It was great to see Travis and Reena again after shooting their Paso Robles wedding in February! We got to do some catching up while taking their photos and enjoy the wonderful weather. We hope toView full post »

Children | Ada

This little one was such a joy to photograph! She had funny faces the whole time and couldn’t get enough of sticking her tongue out and playing with her feet. We hope to get to see her againView full post »

Family | The Scotts

There’s nothing better than having a family come back to us for more photos and it was great to see the Scotts again! We had lots of fun playing with them at the park and then again at theirView full post »

1st Birthday Cake Smash | Noah

Where does the time go?! Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the arrival of little Noah and yet, he’s now a year old! We had so much fun watching him eat his little cake and he reallyView full post »

Children | Reese

Little Reese has grown so much since her newborn session and she is just as cute as can be! She was full of smiles and gave us the best facial expressions while she enjoyed her morning in theView full post »